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Indie, Pop


The Japanese House, Sara Bareilles, The Midnight, Goose house, Boy Pablo

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Popasaurus, The Huneez


Chad started learning piano 17 years ago, and after playing a few shows in his youth, went on to form Popasaurus with his songwriting partner, Adam Agazzi. So far, they've released two EPs, with more music on the way. Recently, Chad also joined The Huneez and co-writes for the pop trio, with whom he continues to perform.

For the last 5 years, Chad has been working in his bedroom on a series of solo songs, which he has coalesced into an album: Waking Dream. Mildly nostalgic, pensive, and melancholic, yet brimming with energy, Waking Dream is an ode to futures that were never written; paths that were never walked.

WAKING DREAM is out now.