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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Echo & the Bunnymen, Ride, The Smiths

band members

Isaac Yeo - Guitar/Vocals, Thomas Benjamin - Bass/Voice, Sam Weston - Guitar/Noise, Mathew Gardner - Drum


Creation Records, Brian Eno, Nick Cave


On their first EP, A Slow Decay, Chambers plunge into the emotional caverns with echoing ballads and well-thought out arrangements combining pure honesty and harrowing beauty wrapped tightly in an organically musical blanket. The Chambers sound ricochets between delayed guitars and raw splendor with songs written by men who have the music in mind. There is a real colorful exploration feel to their songs. A band experimenting with the disciplines of the art they love, drawing inspiration from the cinema to the desert, and whilst Chambers are definitely blessed with all the ingredients that many great bands have, it’s the sharp attention to musical detail that really manages to draw fresh blood. The band carves out their own creative niche and set themselves above the tide of other bands on the indie scene today by focusing on the music rather than the noise. Every note essential, every chord important, like a well thought out poem; not a second is wasted. They do this, almost fittingly, by hailing back to the triumphs of the 80’s, with obvious tributes to Echo and the Bunnymen, Brian Eno or Ride, it’s hard to imagine that this is their first musical offering. But the real standout in the Chambers outfit is the ability to write catchy songs pregnant with heart and feeling. The honesty in all these tracks is evident and whilst singer/guitarist Isaac Yeo insists the songs aren’t autobiographical, it’s an achievement that he makes them sound so real. The brilliance of the guitar and drum arrangements is that the music comes first, with the vocals often playing a welcome back seat to the strong guitar work. This is somewhat refreshing and gives the record an environmental, patient echoing feel rarely seen from most young bands.


Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

14 Jul 2009

Triple J

Gorgeous widescreen shoegaze. I do love a slow, scratchy, reverberating jangle track.

Gorgeous widescreen shoegaze. I do love a slow, scratchy, reverberating jangle track.