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Why do we have, to sound like, anybody?

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Sean ''Shatso" Smeaton- Vox, Guitar, Interpretative Dance - Alexander "Satty"Meischke- Vox, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Percussion - Matty "The Mattress" Druhan- Bass, Guitar - Dr. Nic "Natty" Jones - Drums, Guitar, Vo


Hmmm. Yes we have some.

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SandKastle Productions



Ohhh Man, I Just wanted to put our tracks on the web. I Didn't realise you guys demanded answers. We are not organised, but we play some funky shit, We're a genre defying four-piece, but have previously attempted to describe our sound as areggae-rock-punk-funk-folk-metal-blues-klezma-countryish kind of thing. We all currently live in Canberra, and have developed a decent and very devoted following here. Not long ago we played The Basement in Sydney, where we were well received by all 8 people there, and the sound dude. Tops. We play for the love of it, and for the people who love seeing us play. Unearthed provides a platform from which more people can hear our stuff and if they dig it that's a good thing, right?