Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Trivium

band members

Shay Burgess - Vocals / Guitars Jon Cribb- Guitars Chris Neilson- Drums Steve Baker- Bass


Metallica, Machine Head, Pantera, Lamb Of God

Unearthed artists we like

All This Filth, Massic, Kaosphere, Where the Devil



Hailing from Newcastle, Australia . Chaosaint blur the lines between groove metal and melodic hard rock.

The band’s roots date back to 2001 as the members of a former group known as “Exhale.” However, the combo took somewhat of a lengthy break before eventually coming back to life with a newfound identity and a completely revised musical direction.

The first single- Darkness Following, was released in May 2020 and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both fans and peers alike, and has featured on a variety of playlists across various platforms.

June 2020 will see the release of the 5 track EP- ‘In The Name Of’ to their growing fanbase. The entirely self produced effort was recorded over various periods dating back to 2016 and showcases a wide cross section of what the band are capable of.

The remainder of 2020 will see the band complete the recording process for a full length release in early 2021 with a view towards touring in the very near future.

Chaos is coming