Artist info


Dance, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Sublime, Fat Freddys Drop, The Beatles, Mr Bungle

band members

Hayden Andrews - Vocals and Guitar Sam Mitchell - Drums Benjamin Hack - Bass Scott French - Guitar and Vocals Andy Ball - Saxophone Scott Bignell - Trumpet and Keys



Redefining an already well established and well respected sound is a risky thing to do. Cheap Fakes have done it with nothing but absolute authenticity and sophistication. Their new album Deep Space is one that has inspired audiences to fall in love with their music all over again.

Deep Space magically weaves seductive brass lines through intricate melodies and infectious grooves. Infused with elements of Ska, Funk and something that can only be described as late-night Cactus-Jazz. The band have thrown in some Latino and Americano zest. Then, to complete the album, they gave it a psychedelic squeeze before pouring it into an 8 track vinyl pressing.

Now taking this long awaited album to the nation, Cheap Fakes will tour extensively in 2018 to bring their new aural heart-breaker to their fans Australia wide.