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Cheap Sober


Cheap Sober is an upcoming hip hop artist who has taken the scene by storm. Known for his aggressive delivery and hard hitting, honest lyrics, Cheap Sober has burst onto the hip hop scene and quickly built up a following of fans while staying true to himself and his reputation of keeping it original.

Grabbing the attention of both Australian and International fans, Cheap has supported acts such as Obie Trice, Tech N9ne, Lorde Finesse and more, even appearing on tracks from International artists such as Havoc from Mobb Deep.

Since the release of his first album ‘Sydney’s Worst’ in 2008, Cheap has resonated with many in the hip hop world and gained a strong following. His second album ‘Gone Unnoticed’ hit number 7 on the iTunes hip hop charts while his new release ‘The Spill Out EP’ went higher to hit number 5 on the iTunes hip hop charts.

This diverse artist varies his range of music from raw, thumping Boom bap and funk infused tracks to melodic, ballad styled, dark songs that tell a story for fans to relate to. Cheap Sober is quickly becoming a name that echoes through the hip hop culture with his gritty tracks and ever-growing fan-base. instagram - cheapythekid