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Indie, Pop, Rock

band members

Chiaki Chantrill, Alexander King, James Eggleton, Patrick Lewer


Last Dinosaurs, Phoenix, Oceanics, Wombats, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Minus the Bear, Twin Sister, Colour, Thonk



Cheeki, a mix of pop and indie-rock, is essentially the present-day rebranding of the jazz trio Bilby’s Bandits. Alex, Chiaki and James started jamming together at high school, using every spare moment to head to the music block and work on Alex’s originals, fusing jazz with elements of rock, pop, funk, gospel, psychedelia, and Latin.

The Bandits took an indefinite break after school; during this time Chiaki began to compile his own collection of pop songs. What was intended as a solo project soon found James’ and Alex’s involvement. In-between busy schedules of work, university, and other musical projects, the three bandits slowly built the foundations of Cheeki’s debut EP.

The first single “Dance Together” gives an insight into the spanky rhythms and catchy melodies that the boys are able to create - sparking much praise online, it was soon featured on ABC Gold Coast (91.7 FM) by host Matt Webber. The anticipated second single “925”, is set to be released on the 9th of June.

The bandits are keen to make their mark. The debut EP, “Something Meaningful” is out now