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Indie, Pop

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Taylor Swift, Amy Shark, Paramore, Maren Morris, Julia Michaels


Taylor Swift, Paramore, Maren Morris


Chelsea Jyles is a pop singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. Her latest track ‘Cry In The Car’ was released on April 3rd and is the first single from her upcoming EP ‘Dizzy Daydream’. Unsurprisingly, it was inspired by a night she found herself crying in her car and didn’t want to go inside her house. It was produced and recorded by Chelsea in her home studio, and ignited the ‘Dizzy Daydream’ era.

Her debut EP ‘Get Along’, released on January 2019, reached number 50 on the iTunes Album Chart and it’s lead single ‘House On Fire’ was met with rave reviews. She then released ‘Jeans’, ‘Kinda Like You’ and ‘No Good’ later in 2019 and have collectively gained almost 45,000 Spotify streams and worldwide radio play.

Chelsea began playing guitar at 15, discovering her love for songwriting straight away. She stepped into the studio to work with producers around Australia before teaching herself to produce at home. Her social media following has grown to over 30,000 and her YouTube videos have over 250,000 views. Chelsea has performed around the world, including LA and London, and venues such as Black Bear Lodge and The Milk Factory in Brisbane.