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Rock, Pop

Sounds like

garbage, Metric, the grates

band members

Logan, Duckboi, Mel Grace, Waz Ulon


Rock, and/or, Roll



By day we make your coffee, overcharge to teach your unco-ordinated children how to dance, and restring guitars you seldom buy. But who gives a shit about the daytime? This indie fuzz pop four piece from Brisbane began living, playing, partying, and fighting together in late 2010, and have recently released their much anticipated debut EP Wanted. Cherry Dove kicked off the year supporting Hawksley Workman (Canada) on the Queensland leg of his Australian tour, and have also shared the stage with the likes of Greenthief, Blonde On Blonde, Royal Chant and The Art. Tracks from their EP are also set to feature on the soundtrack of the roller derby film Star Cross'd Jammers (2013). The mischievous sense of play evident in their hard hitting live show is only made sweeter by the fact that Cherry Dove likely have twice as many girls as the last band you saw. “Newish Brisbane power poppers Cherry Dove have finally released their first EP and it’s a massive exercise in big pop with big fuzzy guitars. Five Little Friends is a battering of power chords with the kind of chorus that the proper pop stars pay the big bucks for” - Time Off 2012


Reviewed by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

08 Jan 2013

Triple J

Well, this is quite a bit of fun. Nicely done, Cherry Dove.

Well, this is quite a bit of fun. Nicely done, Cherry Dove.