Artist info


Hip Hop, Roots



Sounds like

RHCP, The Police, Rage Against the Machine , The Roots , Tribe called Quest

band members

Daniel Sutherland- Funk machine keys Clarence Playford- Deep bass/vox Sebastian McComb- Six string wonder machine Rory Scott- Powerful percussion Harlan Hammick- The Mic


Ocean Alley, Led Zepplin , Morphine , Arctic Monkeys , Fun Lovin' Criminals , The police, RHCP , Beastie Boys, The Roots

Unearthed artists we like

Jucy Lucy


Cherry Stain are a five piece funk, hip-hop and reggae band representing Australia.
They have created their own style and vibe that is producing quality live shows throughout Australia, plus, quality sound material for recordings.
After forming as a band in early July 2016 and adding, swapping members, Cherry Stain have released their EP- Cherry Stain vol. 1. They are now working on their next album which will be released on the 14th of April. The music works through many genres and style while the lyrics portray everything from the lives of young local people to discussing political messages that concern everyday Australians.