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Dance, Electronic, Pop

band members

Nah Man & Korin Ladke



Joining forces after meeting at a bar in Adelaide, Chez Moon consists of two young producers who share a love and passion for creating music. Korin Ladke is a passionate piano player, vintage keyboard nerd, drum machine expert and vinyl collector. Nah Man is a singer, who has an innate ability to write melodies that infiltrate into your mind, and remain with you for hours after. Combining their individual talents, Chez Moon was formed to bring feel-good pop music to listeners all over the globe.

Additional production by Garbo Sound, a new producers’ collectivel. Focusing on the electronic-pop genre, the Garbo team scouts interesting new singers and acts and produces songs with them. The Garbo team includes Alexander Burnett (producer for Future Classic artists Hayden James, George Maple etc.), Jamie Anderson (London based sound engineer/producer), Munk (worked with Peaches, LCD Soundsystem, Franz Ferdinand) and LCAW (remix aficionado)