Irresistible lilting vocals soaring above fiery guitar flourishes, punctuated by driving stomping rhythms painted amidst the ambience of electronica textures - that best describes musical artists “Chilali and the Chief”. However, the style of this singer songwriter duo defies rigid categorisation, but most would call them Adult Contemporary Indi Folk; yet one can still hear the influences of acoustic, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Dance, Pop & World music. Their lyrics depict the full spectrum of the human experience: from the familiar traditions of Love lost & found – from the depths of anguish, anxiety & melancholia to the ecstasy of passion for life, love & connection. From social/political satire & poignant environmental
issues, right through to controversial conspiracy theories with quantum physics & sci-fi references…all encompassing the winding journey to find meaning to our Human life – to experience the ultimate goal of tasting enlightenment of the Spirit.