Artist info


Metal, Punk

Sounds like

System of a down, Dead Kennedys

band members

Andrew Smith - Vocals/Lead Guitar Matt Ranzetta - Bass Guitar Dean Smith - Rhythm Guitar Drummer - *currently seeking*


Metallica, Pantera, Slayer

Unearthed artists we like

Sarah Humphreys, DARKER HALF, Crab Smasher


Ambitious from the start, Child Of Stone have always been original if nothing else. Flying in the face of the heavily skate punk influenced Central Coast music scene, they have always sought to take their music to new heights and in doing so, encourage their audience to sink to all time lows. They are the anti-band. At times hard to categorise, the four-piece outfit takes catchy hooks and pop-sounding vocal ideas and desecrate them with bullet riffs, power grove drumming and disgraceful, potty-mouthed lyrics. Drawing inspiration from life in their own small world, Child Of Stone tend to steer clear of political issues and instead pen their music about pornography, women, alcohol and generally promoting anti-social behaviour. “We really do love the ladies. A lot of people think that we are misogynistic women haters, with no respect for anything, but you’ve just got to listen to us with a sense of humour.” Their intelligent song structures allow the band to showcase a lot of tempo changes, as well as create a lot of different feelings and moods, in fairly short songs. The diversity of their music can easily hold the attention of A.D.D sufferers’ through their entire set. Formed in 1999, high school buddies Andrew Smith (guitars/vocals) and Matt Ranzetta (bass guitar) had fired enough drummers to rival Spinal Tap, before finding Mitch Johnston (drums) at the beginning of 2004. Much of the band’s earlier music was scrapped and the trio surged forward with a newfound passion for song writing and an almost telepathic sense of direction. After a heavy drinking session and the promise of hookers, in late 2005, Dean Smith was added on rhythm guitar. To date, the band have played several local gigs with a range of local acts, and feel comfortable in front of death metal, hardcore, punk and alternative audiences. “We, hopefully, have something to offer everyone. I mean dudes who listen to a lot of Metal still have ears for punk, or funk or whatever... and vice versa. So we try to find the middle ground. Plus there’s no denying the obvious sexual energy... and that’s beautiful and infectious... and it’s very entertaining!” With 2004 seeing them take their music to the stage, the band has since played with local and touring acts such as Frankenbok, Infernal Method, Japunga, Sulo, Rather Be Dead, Aeturnus Dominion, Black Asylum, Mischling, Head Hammer, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace, Osmium Grid, Inane Eminence, Shadowmill, Menagerie, Dead Poets, My Anguish, This Shotgun Kiss, Gener8r, Coma Lies, Crab Smasher, Naked On The Vague, Chambers of Insanity, Akuma, Mirror Sessions, Monster Gale and Precipice. As well as playing at Metalstock 2005 and the GOATS Festival 2005, both of which featured over 20 bands and showcased some of the Central Coast and Australia’s finest talent. In November 2004, Child Of Stone recorded a self-funded, 5-track demo CD and in March 2005 recorded another track for ‘Unite’, a Central Coast compilation CD. Following their selection as Finalists in the 1233 ABC Newcastle Music Awards, as well as successful gigs at Club 77 and Spectrum, the band looks forward to establishing a fan base in Sydney and Newcastle. With their original material, as well as a few musical interludes peppered throughout the set, Child Of Stone ease through fast paced, energetic verses, ferociously catchy choruses and bouncing stomping bridges all with a touch of humour and an overpowering sense of grandeur! And whilst their lyrics will probably never be studied the way Bob Dylan’s folk poems have been, their music can be appreciated by the technically trained shredders and general music fans alike. Ladies and Gentlemen, we apologise for the fact that we can no longer protect you from the rampant and savage, Child Of Stone.


Reviewed by bj Fox Control

19 Oct 2006


cool tune, doesn't really sound like ur influences. Punk on.

cool tune, doesn't really sound like ur influences. Punk on.


the listiner

28 May 2007


i like it alot its well recorded. it kiks ass. its like the phatest of hardcore mixed with placebo its phat take that emos

i like it alot its well recorded. it kiks ass. its like the phatest of hardcore mixed with placebo its phat take that emos


fire child

02 Jul 2007


fucking brilliant heavy as fuck. take that scremo's

fucking brilliant heavy as fuck. take that scremo's