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A choir from heaven? :P

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cHiMeS *RS* cRoooo :D


The Spiritual Pimp/et of all Spiritual Pimps/ets


*Free Group Fitness & Meditation Trigg Beach*

*Youtube video by a Dr who explains the stages of one of the different meditations we practice (dynamic meditation as seen in the above video at Trigg, can look a bit odd at first hahaa)-

Hi :) A pleasure to meet you!! :D .. If I gave you a card with the link to this site on it's probably because I thought you were a nice character & appreciate some quality you demonstrate, & would like to be friends. :) .. Feel free to have a read about my music & my endeavour, & if you resonate & would like to get to know me more you can add me on Facebook- David John Cain :)

*cHiMeS educational RapS*- Have been designed to counteract the misinterpRetationS, excessive mateRialiSm, & negativity that has become associated with a lot of mainstream Hip Hop, so that all music & life on Earth can be brought back to its original blueprint in line with Positive Creative Expression, Spirit & Love.

*cHiMeS educational RapS* have been recorded on a 30 dollar mic from Big W on a home computer/ in a Big Brown house on top a hill in Karrinyup- where a certain Spiritual Pimp ResideS (to understand the definition of that word & other comedy read the post on my facebook profile picture) .. *6018 RepraSent*, so don't expect too greater sound quality.. The emphasis so far has been more on positive messages/lyRicS rather then pleasing your eaRS. Future songs will aim to both please your eaRS & send you positive messages :)

*cHiMeS educational RapS* need not be blindly believed in, but if you really listen, & put what is spoken about into practice you will actually experience greater & greater levels of health, pleasure, & love within you. This love can then be experienced in all you do, in all your possessions, relationships, love & sex life (whether you are single, or have a partner/s), & with all the people around you :) ..

Many saints have spoken about 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within you'. Each to their own- I am not a religious person & certainly not claiming to be an enlightened Master or saint.. A Spiritual Pimpettes/Pimps methods are rather different ;-) .. but i do know from experience that higher & higher levels of this Kingdom of Heaven/your natural state of being/love & pleasure within you (the same being/love which is everyones true nature) can & will be sensed & experienced as you get rid of destructive habits & negativity.

Everyone enjoys & has to go through/experience different things to learn & grow & that's all good.. but at some stage when you have had enough of excessive drinking & drugs, unhealthy relationships/sex without sufficient honesty & respect to match, or any other destructive habits etc. (or if you are just not interested in those harmful behaviours anyway) you can experience a deeper pleasure by consciously practicing creative activities & health promoting techniques such as- meditation, sport/fitness, art, music, growing a fruit & vegie patch/connecting with nature, dancing, physical love/ tantric sex or sexstacy with your lover/s, & getting your relationships more honest & healthy :) ....

A song i made about some of that stuff :D- :D

.... The more people that practice this the more Earth can become paradise for all.... :D We can do some of those things (or what ever hobbies you enjoy doing) together if you like :) ..

One of my main priorities is assisting as many people as possible to raise in health, love & consciousness within them (while i am doing my best to do the same), so they can then share that positive energy with their partner (or partners if they are single, in an open relationship, or in a state of love beyond labels/categories etc.), & with everyone around them so more love, good vibes & less suffering can come into the world :)

***Techniques for you to practice to bRing more love (& less suffering) into existence***

*Very important!!!! .. Please read the letter at this link & follow the instructions, thank you (go to the link & scroll down, the letter is under the song.. you may have to read on a computer as some mobiles won't scroll down at the links)

Also for females please read- *The Ganksta Goddess Letter* (go to the link & scroll down under the song lyRicS!)

For the fellas- *Noble Knight Street Souljaz letter* (go to the link & scroll down under the song lyRicS!)

(*If you can't read the letters on sound cloud you can read them on my facebook page, links are in my profile picture post)

*If you be my friend i'll do my best to show you a love within you that has no end!!.. Join the gang *RS* crew, i'll do my best to help your dReamS come tRooooo!!.. Lots of fun, surfing in the sun.. We don't need alcahol, drugs or ecstasy pills- Just healthy Man & Woman enjoying natural highs & thrills! Big ups with no hangovers or comedowns, all smiles no frowns! :) All good in our hood!! :D

****R.S**** Perth street soldieRetteS/souljahRS-
*Reprasenting Straya!!
*Right hearted Soldiers
*Real SupaheRooS
*Running Starkers
*Real Sportswomen/men
*Rap Stars/Rock Stars
*Real Surfers/SkateRS
*Rescuing Swimmers
*Rippin Skids/Sideways
*Raising Seedlings
*Respecting Seniors/Siblings
*Reducing Stress
*Raising Standards
*Reducing Scum
*Runnin tha Streets
*Ruling Scarborough/Suburbs
*Romantic Seranades
*Romancing Sheilas
*Rescuing Sheilas
*Radiant Spirits
*Rainbow Serpants :s
*Real Sexstacy
*Romantic Shlongs & ..
*Romantic Snuggles
*Romantic Sluts lol :D ..


Also a big Thank Youuuu to Anastasia.. The living life changing Goddess of Nature - Search the website .. read her books & , practice what she speaks of & you will know more Love/Life/Nature/Beauty/Spirit.

(*The techniques she gives about planting fruit & vegies & building a family domain are very good pg. 64, her teaching on relationships & sex is perhaps not as practical for our society, some people will find it useful.. but for others i would more recommend Barry Longs Tantric talks in the links above, & adapt them to your particular situation, or Osho talks on youtube-

.. & his meditations at this link- ..

This is an article about what can happen in the body & mind when you start practicing the meditation techniques- ..

Or just check out the Ganksta Goddess & Noble Knight Street Souljah letteRS in the links above if you're feeling me :)

Life is good, Love is good, Romantic Snuggles n Sexstacy is the shiznit!!!! Thanks for reading, much RSpect!! :)

:D xx