Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop

Sounds like

Sietta, Hermitude, Morcheeba, The Fugees

band members

Smashka Word'n & Loopert Fast


Life, The Universe, EVERYTHING!



Choon Goonz are a genre-hopping party crew who take their fun seriously. Back boned by the tricknology of turntable tech-wiz Loopert Fast and the deft production of pianist and vocalist Smashka Word'n, the trip-hop inspired maestros turn the stage into their studio, combining razor-sharp live-production and looping techniques with the tastiest of beats.

With the ability to execute the 'standard' performance, hold down marathon DJ sets, facilitate workshops, jam with a band, or engage the audience to become a part of the music, Choon Goonz always ensure fun on-the-fly antics. They focus on capturing the spontaneous genius of creativity, keeping it alive, raw, and genuine in essence.

Their latest single, 'Chocoholics', captures the essence of the Goonz and their ethos of having some serious fun when it comes to making music. On the surface the song comes across as a super tasty and fun bass heavy banger about everyones favourite drug, Chocolate. However, unwrap the rapper and it becomes obvious Chocolate can be a metaphor for anything addictive and highlights our insatiable appetite for always wanting more of that which appeals to the senses, but never truly satisfies.