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Karlin Love and Lila Meleisea - bowhorns, Andrew Sulzberger - Dragon Didj and bass bowhorn, Dan Callahan - string drums and percussion


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The Chordwainers are a leather band. We play fantastic instruments made by world-renowned Tasmanian leather sculptor, Garry Greenwood (d. 2005). Some are like saxophones, some like didjeridus, some like bugles, bassoons, flutes, harps or drums. Some are very different. As a band, we work to find their voices and get them to converse and sing together. We draw from many musical cultures in our quest to bring these remarkable pieces to life. Tango, jigs, blues, salsa, marches, African, Celtic, and Macedonian music influence us. Our music is playful, haunting, beautiful, confronting and positive.