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Christ De Kesel - Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist


Anything that gets my out of bed, Anything that kick my arse, Anything I can carry through the day


Started playing drums when I was 4, thinking I had a mental disease; not having a drumkit didn't hold me back. Started playing guitar at the age of 14, keys when I was 16 and started recording my music when I was 18 with a tape 4 track. Played pubs and venues with several bands across Europe until 2003. I moved to Australia, took a long sabbath, and now... I feel like I have less to say but so much more to do...



11 Apr 2008


This has a very ...

This has a very Ben Lee feel to it despite the different sound. Great to hear musicians sound like they are having fun making music. :)

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25 Oct 2007


hey very cute i ...

hey very cute i like the sound. its funky! i'd love to do somethin upbeat like this... it dont seem to work for me tho haha!! well done buddie. morgs

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