Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Dave Bishop, Josh Pike, Cog

band members

Chris Canham - Vocals, Guitar


Peter Brocklehurst, cog, Soilwork


Chris Canham has been involved with heavy rock music for the last 14 years. The former front man of Canberra bands "Smeg" and "Me the Conqueror", who have supported the likes of Grinspoon, 28Days, Alchemist and COG. Chris now has gone solo with just a guitar and his voice for company, singing about his hopes, family and social commentary, working within emotive themes. Here you can listen to three songs with subjects that are close to Chris' life -Melbourne- "For years I have seen Melbourne as an escape to go to a place where no one knows me and I can purely follow artistic endeavours. I love the place and will get there eventually...." -Spotlight- "This song is about a guy that i know who constantly puts himself out there to be seen and get attention but he doesn't understand that the spotlight should be reserved for the feeling and there is nothing glamorous about Fame. The girl in the song is me. I often use girls as reference to mask my own identity in art--blerk--I don't want the spotlight either though now. I want to play dead end pubs to bar flys. :)" -Sunny Day- "About my Partner Kristen and our child Isabella. About our connection and when we met ( see second chorus) and how my priority is them." Listen to these three tracks here, or at for these and more.