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A song writer, Christine works with a range of musicians when producing her music. Each of her songs features a vocalist whose voice uniquely fits the style of song. 'Life Song' features Jacqui Lee. 'Sunshine Days' features Rachel Thorne. "Masque' features Nicholas James and Skye Elizabeth.


Christine M Knight is a composer of music and lyrics as well as a highly successful published author of fiction, poetry, short stories, and blogs. Her music is varied and often features a fusion of styles: pop, country, rock, and blues because the style of each song is related closely to the specific lyrics. Her lyrics are written from the perspective of specific characters.

Christine works with talented musicians to produce her music and owns all rights to it.

An Australian, she lived for three years in the United States – Montgomery Alabama and San Antonio Texas. She has now settled in rural New South Wales just north of the nation's capital, Canberra.

Fascinated by people, she enjoys both research into contemporary life and writing stories and songs about it. Christine has had three novels published and is in the process of writing her fourth novel. Each novel works as a standalone novel although they are related. Her novels are:
• In and Out of Step
• Life Song
• Song Bird.