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Sounds like

Eagles of Death Metal, Celibate Rifles, radio birdman

band members

Pat O'Connor - Bass, Glenn Elliott - Vox and Guitar, Danny Roberts - Lead Guitar, James Alderman - Drums


black sabbath, The Bronx, X


6 saw the addition of lead guitarist Danny Roberts bringing colourful guitar ensemble and wicked fret melting lead oblivion to the band. It also saw the stepping in of hard hitting James Aldermen on drums, intent on catapulting the band into a new level of unrelenting sweaty live rock mental abandon. The sound and live vigor was instantly realised and nothing more needed changing. A beast was born. The Chuffs are on fire, and their new album, aptly titled Flambe, is pure evidence. They are currently enjoying rotation on KKSM California and are about to have their new EP independantly distributed to College Radio across the USA in 5 major Cities.