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Rock, Indie

band members

julian welgus= sticks jordan radford= bass billy kelleher= vox thomas forward= guitar

Unearthed artists we like

Gameboy/Gamegirl, Howl, Neon Love


CIDERSWEETS!!!!!111!!!1!!!!!oneone!! Created from the fusion of billy julian jordan and tom. The multi-genered 4 piece from melbourne have been churning out classics for right on 8 months now and are still in the process....Played at some joints around melbourne you may know; Hardimans Hotel, Iceberg, Williamstown Hall, Kindred Studios. The band is made up VOX ( and occasionally other instruments) Billy "i want a nickname" Zeik Kelleher, Jullian Welgus on the sticks that beat things, Jordan Radford BassyBass and on the ShredFactory Tom "backward" Forward ...check us out