Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Michael Zavros, Robert Dickerson, Joel Rea, Anika Kirk

band members

Jules Keshan - Drums, Brad Hosking - Guitar/Keys, Dan Carroll - Guitar/Vocals


Gabe Dixon, Amos Lee, Ryan Adams



City Over Sand is a band of songwriters, musicians and producers who create indie pop music in Queensland, Australia. New Single 'Look For Me' is out now, from the 2016 album 'Good Grief'. City Over Sand is a band that you discover by accident. They write, rehearse and record in a backyard shed and promptly deliver songs to the world, ready to be consumed by those hungry enough to find it and hold onto it. Th back shed is in fact Blindboy Studios, a suburban musical goldmine on the outskirts of the Gold Coast, Australia. It's a room full of riches. The band's name is a direct reference to where they live and create music. It refers to the family, friends and life that revolves around them, the routine, the weather, the sights, the sounds, the struggles and the triumphs. City Over Sand is Brad Hosking, Jules Keshan and Dan Carroll.