Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Strokes, Interpol, Joy Division

band members

Jackson Palmer, Chris Melvaine, Liam Butler...


My Bloody Valentine, The Doors, Pulp


“Who are the civilians?” The civilians are a band composed of three musicians who’s names we shall not list lest one gets shitty for being named last. They are high school friends turned uni students and all have bad haircuts, or no haircuts at all. “Are they the ones that do that song?” No. The civilians have never performed a gig, released a track (except on myspace), signed a record deal or entered this competition before. They are genuinely earthed. They have however, been jamming together for a year or two for their own enjoyment and fulfilment, showing some tracks to their friends and family only. “Why are the civilians?” If you don’t know, you should read more. “What influences do the civilians draw on?” While all members of the band generally like the same music, they all have their own specific personal influences that combine together to create the final sound. These include many bands like the beatles, the velvet underground, the kinks etc, but more importantly they include the likes of slowdive, public image limited, the raveonettes, xiu xiu, the left banke and any number of less prominent bands that we can name drop to make us seem more cultured. “Do I like the civilians?” Yes.