Artist info


Pop, Roots

Sounds like

Some people say a modern day Joni Mitchell.

band members

Claire Whiting, Michael Sanjay Jude, Steele Chabau.


The Motels, Phillip Glass, David Gray, Lindsey Buckingham. , Cyndi Lauper, Iron & Wine, Bob Dylan, Chris Martin

Unearthed artists we like

KIDS AT RISK, Inland Sea, Rattlehand


Claire grew up on an isolated farm in Tasmania with two struggling artists, attending gallery openings from the age of 6 and stealing wine and cheese from underneath the tables. Claire’s earliest memories of music were being inspired by Kate Bush & Fleetwood Mac in the Moonlight Dancing sessions that her mother would setup in their paddock. She would point the speakers and spotlights which were strategically built on the outside of the house on to the green Tasmanian lawn, and the Moonlight Dancing sessions would begin. Now Claire Whiting is one Australia’s most recognised emerging music talents. Claire has toured the country supporting artists such as The Fauves, Kate Miller Heidke, Jackie Marshall, and Diana Anaid. After selling over 4000 copies of her first & second EP which were both recorded and produced by Claire whiting and Mark Myers of the ‘Middle East’ in a sauna in chapel Hill, Claire went on to release her third EP in 2009. Debut album will be out in 2010.