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Dance, Indie, Punk

Sounds like

Mystic braves, Together Pangea, The Murlocs

band members

Clancy Watt


mystic braves, Together Pangea, Democratic Peoples Republic Of Surf, The Murlocs



Hi there, my names Clancy as you can probably see, I come from the southeast suburbs of Melbourne. Growing up with lots of instruments around I've always found my self tryna learn lots of different things mainly guitar and drums. I play drums in a band called Barefoot Bowls Club and guitar in Clean Cut Society. With a few instruments under my belt, I'd thought I'd have a crack at writing entire songs myself; So I got working on Garage band.
Lately, I've been really influenced by sixties sounding music so this little project is a fun opportunity to play some different music to what we do in the bands have a go at singing.