Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

ac/dc, Motorhead, splatterheads

band members

Dave Stafford : drums -- Luke Hoskins : Vocals / guitar / Bass -- Mat Hoskins : Guitar / Vocals / Bass -- Matt Close : Bass / Vocals / Guitar


ac/dc, Moistboyz, The Angels

Unearthed artists we like

LABCHiMP, GRANNYFIST, SCHLAUNCHER, Goatman, Shanghai, Drillbit


Newcastles finest rock and roll vomit army, with membership now exceeding Two hundred and fifty, THE CLAP will punch you in the guts with a dose of ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL!!! And yes! to answer your question, as the artwork for THE CLAP FROM CLAP CITY depicts, we in fact all stand higher than 100 metres tall and we destroy cities all the time, and shoot helicopters with laser beam eyes. THE CLAP's debut album (containing "Che Guevara T Shirt Wearer" "Full" and live fave "Get On The Dole" was released in 2006, and is being distributed by MGM/Green and available at all good record stores and i tunes since 2007. After a few struggles and a bit of time off, The long awaited EP "THE CLAP FROM CLAP CITY" was finally released in may, 2010. To be continued.... Get The Clap, Today. There is new songs and an Australian tour in the pipeline. .... lock up your beer fridges. .. There is also a video for that bloody t-shirt wearer song, find that at youtube :