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Sounds like

The Verve, Moby, The Propellerheads

band members

Bryn Walker


Steve Reich, Moby, Igor Stravinsky

Unearthed artists we like

Novango, Paper Boat Armada


Closet Nihilist is a one-man, one-computer electronic outfit based in Bendigo, Victoria. Closet Nihilist was originally a contemporary classical composer before moving onto electronic music, and has brought a lot of influences from that field, including works from the wild avant-garde 50s and 60s to the courtly party beats of the Baroque and Classical periods. Closet Nihilist writes in a myriad of genres. Styles of particular interest include electro-funk, soundscapes and electronic neoclassicism. All feedback is always welcome, and while Closet Nihilist is easily startled, he always relishes the chance to become a better human with constructive criticism.