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Indie, Rock

band members

Julius (Guitar + Vocals) Cameron (Lead Guitar) Cole (Bass) Sean (Drums)


King Krule, Oasis, Bakar, Two Door Cinema Club, The Smiths



Despite growing up together in Shellharbour on the South Coast of NSW, it took until half-way through 2019 for Club Camèl to form. Once finally getting together at a mates sharehouse, the 4-piece began combing each of their personal styles and influences to create their own sound.

Music quickly became a great escape from the mundane 9-5 as the indie outfit put together a collection of songs; the first of which was their single ‘Smooth (With You)’ and began playing shows along the coast.

The band's latest single 'Want You' saw the boys head to the Central Coast to work with Jack Nigro at The Grove Studios. 'Want You' is written from a personal perspective, expressing the last afternoon spent with someone knowing that it will be the last time you spend time together. The song was inspired by trying to encapsulate big riff guitars that are accompanied by a singalong chorus. The track combines a blend of Red Hot Chilli Peppers funk with Oasis energy whilst still portraying the band's indie sound.