Artist info


Electronic, Rock

Sounds like

Heavy guitars and synths, Pounding but intricate beats and glitches, Apocalyptic vocals

band members

David: Vocals/Production, Andrew: Synths, William: Guitars, Ryan: Drums


Nine Inch Nails, Noisia, Depeche Mode

Unearthed artists we like

Rustique, Distaudio


From the beginning, Cold Divide have worked hard to ensure that they are a live act to be reckoned with, incorporating live synths, loops and glitched out mayhem from sources both hardware and software alongside heavy rock drums and guitars. This intense and continually evolving process of combining genres and sounds is a vital part of the bands identity, since the production and sound design of their recordings are as equally important as their live performances. To date the band have supported international acts such as: Combichrist (Norway/USA), Grendel (Netherlands), Nachtmahr (Austria) and Lab4 (UK). Cold divide have also remixed artists such as Frontline assembly (Canada) and Distaudio (Australia). They have also had the track "Plagueworthy" from their debut ep Grand manipulations used in the in-game soundtrack for the online multiplayer game "APB", which was developed by the same team as grand theft auto and features other artists such as Pendulum. Heavy slabs of guitar. Vocals that can soar, snarl and penetrate. Synths and bass that sound like the very fabric of space and time being ripped apart. Drums that make you want to dance but kick you in the chest. Cold Divide aspire to create their own sound. That unique combination that only they can make, so as soon as you hear it, you know. Cold divide want to make sounds you've never heard before, but will want to hear again and again and again. Late 2012 will see the release of their second EP "Weaponized". Along with a huge push of promotion for this release, the band will continue playing live into the new year as well as begin writing for a debut album. Cold divide don't think small, and hope to make their way overseas as soon as possible to show the world what they've got.