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John Coleman, Susannah Coleman-Brown, Jonno Coleman, Christopher Coleman


Four distinct characters, all front people of their own bands and all immediate family members have combined forces to create this lushly layered, emotive and infernally infectious performance piece par excellence. Masterful acoustic guitar and percussion set an ever changing pace, with mandolin, electric guitar, bass and one celebratory harmonica piece bringing powerful light and shade. Uniting their work is an intuitive blend of harmonies and melodies, finely honed through many years of song around the huon pine kitchen table. Their joy and sheer exhilaration in creating music together is palpable. The ebb and flow of this ensemble tells their individual tales in a multi-generational performance that raises neck hairs, makes people cry and fills the dance floor. - Annie Duke Going Going Gone, Sailor's Love Song and Simple Life are taken from The Colemans self-titled debut album. To hear more, and in particular a song penned by John, visit