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Hip Hop, Pop

band members

Bobz- guitar/vocals/music arrangement, Candy - guitar/vocals/djambe/sound-design


avant garde, funk, soul, pop


Colorful Blac's eclectic sound is derived from a mixture of Pop, Soul, Funk. Their understated style hides a sensuous and passionate flair that tenderly seeps through in this album. This album as a whole sends out a message that is the freedom of simplicity, although this idea can be elaborated by a huge splash of poetic depth. The songs are highly energized by exuberant melody-runs and playful word-dribble. These fun vibrations are then accented by ballads which range from steady easy listening that lifts your spirits up high, to wistful sounds that will carry you away into solitary contemplation. The bohemian duo hailed from the streets of Melbourne. Together, they pocketed a decade of time from both their dark and colorful surroundings before proceeding to pump-out this enlightening little album, 'Light Up!' This debut album is a power-store of courage capsules that will help defeat life's many illusions. Listen up for magic tales laced with age old eastern philosophies, but then also sit back and enjoy some of them bubbly avant-garde melodies!