Artist info


Electronic, Dance

Sounds like

Ganga Giri, Infected Mushroom, amon tobin

band members

Kevin Mullins


electro house, Psy Trance, House


Music makes the world go round. Coming from a percussive background, Kevin has developed this in the electronic medium, which incorporates his rhythmic skills into this zany array of emotion. Kevin's music influences began with 80's metal and have progressed to include most other genres including Psy Trance, Electro House and Electronix. He uses his music to express emotions and climb to higher planes whilst still forming that bridge of stability between reality and psy fiction. Fat bass lines and subtle undertones of melodic zaniness emanate to combine this mixed genre influenced by electro house, Psy-Trance, DnB and Metal. Incorporating live Didjeridoo into the mix gives this a unique blend in this futuristic sound wave.