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Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Thrice, Incubus, At The Drive in, Something for Kate, Cave In,

band members

Jayden Beale - vox/guitar, Will Rowles - bass, Andrew van Der Horst - drums, Simon Nelson - guitar


Basement, Thrice, Deftones, Violent Soho, Karnivool, Chon, Circa Survive, La Dispuite, Taking Back Sunday, Finch,



Every once in a while across history, the destinies of several young gentlemen converge to create the phenomenon that humans can only describe as the ‘band’. Vaulted into an era of trouble and despair, Common Deers has heard the hushed whispers of the common man and woman and has entered into the fierce silhouette glow of Brisbane’s music scene.

Some summer ago, Jayden Beale, a young man from Ipswich, reluctantly let go of an extensive career in Call of Duty: Black of Ops 2 and pizza, and embarked upon the journey of Common Deers as vocalist and guitarist. Simon Nelson, still recovering from from a heavy decade-long addiction to hard punk rock and shoulder-length hair, followed soon after as second guitarist. Very little is known about Andrew van Der Horst who joined the band as drummer in 2017. Early rumours had suggested that Andrew was found by a fishing vessel somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean floating on a piece of driftwood, then smuggled into Australia for cheap labour. However, more recent reports argue that he is in fact an exile from southern Europe and is the heir to a long line of royalty that can be traced back to the Viking era. Will Rowles - on bass guitar - is a local man from Brisbane who owns a dog.

Exhibiting a strange blend of alternative rock, Common Deers upholds a commitment to creating genuine and unique music. But whatever their story may be so far, the best is undoubtably yet to come.


Review by Nat Tencic Nat Tencic

11 Apr 2016

Triple J

This song is almost as good as your band name. It's a very good band name.

This song is almost as good as your band name. It's a very good band name.