Artist info


Electronic, Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Frankie Cosmos, Charlie Hilton, Broadcast, Stereolab, Waxahatchee, Kraftwerk

band members

Adem Kerimofski: gtr, voc Laurie Sinagra: bass voc Peter Yuncken: keyboards, voc Dee Kerimofski: guitar fx, voc Marcus Davidson: drums


Krautrock, Vintage Synths, 90s Indie Rock, Space Age


The Community Chest are a synth-driven indie rock/ avant-pop band from Australia formed in 2011.Their first release was 2013's "Top of the Hour" album. Now sold out of it's pressing, it is full of hooks and twists, drawing musical influences from the murky past to the shiny present.

What followed was an extraordinary run of gigs including supports for Sebadoh, Shonen Knife, Veruca Salt, They Might Be Giants, Ratatat and several Australian festivals on the west coast.

They released a futuristic folk EP called "Make Your Decision Now and Live with It Forever" in late 2015. Mixed in London by Paul Tipler (producer of Stereolab, mixer of Broadcast), it's a move towards an off the cuff, improvised approach and a penchant for danceable komische rhythms.

In 2019 they released "Concrete", which features shorter, concise song ideas. Some with traditional pop song structures and others such as the well received "Reflections Through Corrugations", a more repetitive meandering study in sparse. pop minimalism.

"In My Dreams" is The Community Chest's first time-traveling pocket-symphony-audio-micro-film-rock opera based in New York City from the Pre-Virus present day to the Manhattan of the Native American Lenape.

The Community Chest continue to play shows and record new material in ensemble and built up modes.