Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Diesel, Tim Minchin, The Doobie Brothers, Thirsty Merc, (And many more)

band members

Nathan Eggins - Guitars, vocals. Brad Sheen - Drums. Jordan Cant - Bass. Ryan Tilley - Guitar.


Tim Minchin, Something for Kate, Diesel, Tommy Emmanuel, Powderfinger, Ben Folds Five, Eskimo Joe, The Whitlams, Jon Gomm, Michael Jackson, (And countless others)



Conspiracy of One

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

6 Dec

Dan O'Connel ...

Melbourne, 3053




Conspiracy of One

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

10 Dec

Bar 303

Melbourne, 3070




Conspiracy of One

Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

18 Dec

Black Bear Lodge

Brisbane, 4006

Fortitude Valley



Fun quirky songs to get you interested in science.
New single ‘We’re All Aliens, Baby’ out now. It was released on 16th Nov, the 45th anniversary of the Arecibo Message, humanity’s first active attempt at inter-stellar communication.

Presenting Brisbane’s sultan of science
His continuing mission: To explore the curious depths of the human psyche.
To seek out truth and understanding in a complicated world.
To boldly go where few songwriters have gone before.
It’s funk rock…but not as we know it.

Sounds like: Funky Doobie Brothers picking a fight with the anti-science movement, with the hooks and long hair of Thirsty Merc.
For fans of: Tim Minchin, Something for Kate and Science (the concept, not the band).

“Conspiracy of One’s new single Don’t Forget To Like masks witty wordplay and social commentary under a genuinely solid piece of song-craft.“
– Single review, Happy Mag

“From the opening See Food Diet, with its quick-witted lyrics and smooth funky guitar sound, I knew we were in for some fun…
With no doubt I will absolutely be returning to see Conspiracy of One again!“
– Live show review, GCLive

“Such an amazing band! Tight, fun, engaging and fantastic musicianship and compositions.“
– Live show review. Facebook

His music is scientifically formulated to get you grooving full of playful satire, powerful vocals and catchy hooks that will get stuck in your head for days, and may just open your mind in the process.
Dance floor dwellers at his live shows can expect gallons of wit, humour and genuine charm as he welcomes you to join his mission to get people interested in science and critical thinking through dancing, singing and crowd participation.

Underneath the veneer of fun catchy sounds, his ultimate goal is to involve YOU. To encourage new perspectives and critical thought about our modern society; to foster an appreciation for science and rationality; and to see that in a world so full of misinformation, frauds and fakes, working out for yourself what’s real and what isn’t might just be a little easier.

Put simply, Conspiracy of One is substance with style.
Music to get you thinking on your feet!