Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

Regurgitator, Peaches, LCD Soundsytem

band members

Josh Chaffey, Luke McGrath, Matt Sanderson


Rick James, Primal Scream, Devin Townsend

Unearthed artists we like

Hancock Basement, The Missing Lincolns


These filthy electro-rockers are the genuine article. Emerging from the damp confines of the garage in 2007 to a warm reception online, Cool Weapon have gone on to win the hearts and feet of indie hipsters and pop devotees alike with their catchy, saucy tunes and thrilling rock bravado. Their music is an edgy counterpoint between the electroclash underground and chart-straddling post-millennial dance pop, with a lyrical depth uncommon to either. It's trashy, but witty - poppy, but messy. Cool Weapon: The soundtrack to your next party.