Artist info


Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Feist, Sufjan Stevens, Lisa Mitchell

band members

Chelsea Cooper, Ryan Cooper, and friends


Feist, Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes


The Coopers’ music embodies honesty and community. They craft quirky, soulful and energetic tracks. The spirit in their songs ranges from hauntingly beautiful, to cheerfully uplifting.

From humble beginnings in small-town Australia, The Coopers made their mark internationally early on, earning critical praise for their energetic and compelling live shows. Shortly after being discovered busking by a BBC producer in the UK, The Coopers big break came when their single “Ripples” was picked up by massive hit comedy “The Inbetweeners”. The ever-growing word of mouth goodwill, coupled with major festival slots (including Leeds, Reading, and The Great Escape) saw these happy folk firmly establish themselves in the UK scene.

Their follow up release, “Paint it Blue and Throw it in the Sea”, followed a simple recipe: a healthy dose of quirky pop, a twist of indie, a slice of folk, and enough sunshine to bring the summer into full swing.

Their latest EP, ‘Deportee’ marks a new slate in their songwriting. Entirely crowdfunded, it represents a warm fellowship and intimacy that is perfectly refreshing.