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Roots, Indie

band members

Jake Cooper - Guitar, Bianka Feo - Vocals


many and varied


Coops & the Bird tell stories and tempt souls as they weave a rich tapestry that interlaces clever lyrics, unique melodies and a driving, rhythmic guitar. They are not a stereotypical "boy/girl" outfit with their style named “battle folk" by Adelaide music reviewer Spoz Spozington. Bianka Feo's lyricism is played out by her dynamic and potent voice while Jake Cooper brings to life every twist and turn of your journey with his ability to gently strum a delicate chord or muscle through pulsating, heart racing riffs. Their artistry exists in the space between fantasy and reality and audiences willingly come along on the ride. Releasing their debut EP in May 2013, the two, new on the scene, are a building a formidable live reputation.