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Sounds like

Foo Fighters, The Police, Rage Against The Machine

band members

Cameron Stephens - Vocals, Guitars. Jack Le Couteur - Lead Guitars. Thomas Sinclair - Bass. Anthony Maslen - Drums.


Frank Zappa, muse, Blink-182


Copy This have been playing for a few years now, back when some of us were in high school. We've recorded some demos and played some really great gigs, and so far in 2010 have had plenty of fun keeping classy and low-key, rehearsing for the day someone asks to hear a song of ours. We like to keep things spicy and delicious by dipping our toes in the genre buffet, with certain tracks sounding like revamped 80's love songs and others sounding like a RATM-meets-Dave Grohllercoaster. After some time of experimenting, we feel like we've now established a happy medium and can perform our own special take on these influences.