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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Pond, Methyl Ethel, Yellow Days

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The Corduroy Boy


Pond, Powderfinger, Neil Young

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Smells Like Nanna's House, METHYL ETHEL



Born in a 1950’s college apartment, ‘About Everything’ is the summer soaked lead single from Corduroy Spaceship’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Corduroy Spaceship & The Custard Gumboot’. Smooth slide lines and love child inspired lyrics set a summery scene before plunging you into the fuzzed out guitar and bass riffs of the following four tracks.

Delicate vocal melodies, reverb drenched guitars and crunchy drum recordings are the work of Torsten Gustavsson, whom established Corduroy Spaceship in 2018 after being gifted a vintage green corduroy shirt by close friend and fellow member of KxCS.

Written, recorded, mixed and mastered in bedrooms across Australia, ‘Corduroy Spaceship & The Custard Gumboot’ is Torsten’s first release under Corduroy Spaceship, exploring his love for modern psychedelia and psych pop, following in the footsteps of seminal Australian acts such as Pond and Methyl Ethel.

Yet to play a show Corduroy Spaceship is in its infancy, but with writing and recording for a follow up record already underway a permanent spot in the Australian music scene is imminent.

'Corduroy Spaceship & The Custard Gumboot' EP - April 2019


Review by Declan Byrne Declan Byrne

16 May 2019

Triple J

there's some weird and wonderful elements in here that make a cool blend.

there's some weird and wonderful elements in here that make a cool blend.