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Indie, Pop, Rock

band members

Aaron Ball Tom Ball William Billings Ron Brandse Luke Miller Vasco Tanevski




Cosmic Rain started out as a recording project in mid-2012 by songwriter Vasco Tanevski with the aim of recording songs for songwriting competitions as well marketing to artists and record companies. As the recording project progressed, a variety of session musicians and friends were used and over time a steady line-up emerged and some gigging.

The project was going so well and enjoyed by everyone involved that it was decided to form a proper band and continue on.

The music can best be described as melodic pop-rock spanning a number of genres and styles but heavily influenced by The Beatles.

Highlights of Cosmic Rain so far include:

• In 2015 released its first song, Wasting My Life Away on JJJ Unearthed and it reached number 6 on the Pop Chart.

• In 2016 made Finalist with song, Do You Really Wanna Save Me? in the Australian Independent Music Awards run by Musicoz.

• In 2016 finished recording first CD of 10 original songs and hope to do launch early next year. Currently working of CD design and printing.

Cosmic Rain is a unique band with the right combination of youth and experience, ambition and drive to succeed commercially both in songwriting and performing. Cosmic Rain aims to stand out and be different to the many acts that exist today by providing a brand of music rarely offered today’s homogenised music industry. You can actually whistle or hum the distinctive melody lines and easily remember the catchy choruses to many of their songs.