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Indie, Metal, Pop, Rock

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Adam - vocals, guitar Sullo - guitar, vocals Luke - drums, vocals Andy - bass, vocals Caino - keyboards, ukelele, guitars


weezer, 70's prog rock, the beatles



Cotton Sidewalk has been somewhat of an institution in Newcastle since it’s initial musical moments in 1999. At the helm of it all was one man, with a vision for music as grandiose as Queen, vocal harmonies as rich as E.L.O, arrangements as deep as George Martin (The Beatles) and a front man as extravagant as David Bowie.

In 2009, Adam Price realised his dream through the release of Cotton Sidewalk’s album “Evil Versus People”. The singer-songwriter for Cotton, glows at the memory of bringing together the band in all its glory, accompanied by a multitude of keyboards and synthesisers, a live string quintet, choir and even pipe organ. The album received recognition from Triple J, applause from U.S. record producers, and much acclaim from Cotton Sidewalk’s many fans around the world.

I can hear you thinking, “if it’s so good, why haven’t I ever heard of it”?

During the mixing phase of the album, and only months before the album was due to be released, Price’s first born son, Joseph Astro Price, was born premature (at 24 weeks gestation) and died six days later. Here was an event that shocked Cotton Sidewalk’s driving force and lead singer, as well as his supporting family and changed the course of the album and the band.

“I knew it (“Evil Versus People”) had to be released, but it was different after Joseph,” Price tells. The album was dedicated to baby Joseph and all three sell-out launches (Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney) were donated to The Joseph Astro Price Memorial Fund. “Joseph’s fund supports the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at The Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne. They cared for us at the most difficult time in our lives and we wanted to give something back so they can do the same for other families too,” says Adam of his fundraising efforts.

The first single from the album, “Feet, Teeth and Hands” was released in November 2009 received airplay on Triple J, and things looked very promising for Cotton Sidewalk. Through such a devastating time though, the band was unable to tour and gig to take the single and the album any further.

Five years on and the band has conquered Melbourne, released another single (“Do Something”, 2013) and returned to Newcastle annually for their much anticipated “Christmas” gig. But what of “Evil Versus People”, the best album you’ve never heard?

Come 8th November 2014, the band will perform their ground-breaking album from top to tail with complete instrumentation. Yes, this means the full multitude of keyboards and synthesisers, the live string quintet, the choir and yes, even the pipe organ. The entire album in its original glory, live in concert. “It is going to be EPIC,” Price says animatedly, “no face will be left unmelted,”.

This extravaganza will take place at Adamstown Arts’ Auditorium (corner of Glebe and Brunker Roads, Adamstown NSW) and will the final gig for Cotton Sidewalk – a chance to say goodbye to an institution and an incredibly exciting band.