Artist info


Electronic, Indie, Pop, Roots

Sounds like

smog, low, magentic fields, sufjan stevens

band members

Kelly, Andy, Joel we play nylon string guitar, circuit bent Casio SK5/8, shaker, drum pads, various electronics and sing.


bonnie prince billy, the handsome family, micah p hinson

Unearthed artists we like

Spirit Bunny, Tape/Off


A Country Practice is a family band. We sing songs about growing up in a small country town and the weather.

Nestled amongst plucked nylon string guitar, circuit bent-Casio melodies and a smooth 808 beat is the three piece's vocal harmonies.

Gardening Concerns is a meditation on the role gardening and small scale agriculture has on people and our planet. Influenced by a childhood spent on a hobby cattle farm in the heart of QLD’s ‘Food Bowl’ and adult experimentation with urban gardening and food co-operatives, the song's themes travel from seeing gardening as therapy to gardening as activism.

The Inundation into Our Room is the second single from A Country Practice. Ruminating on summer storms and floods and our viewing habits that surround it. The track was remixed by Andrew Tuttle of Room40 and aheadphonehome as well as the band themselves. The bands deconstruction features on the latest New Weird Australia compilation, Solitary Wave