Artist info


Hip Hop, Rock

Sounds like

hilltop hoods, Seth Sentry, 360

band members

Cozzabags, Production and Vocals


Big L, krs one, Bad Religion


Cozzabags is a Hip Hop artist recently returned to Melbourne after living and performing in London for several years. His sound is a mixture of laid back Hip Hop with Rock influences. Lyrically he is poignant, often cynical, but always light hearted. He is currently working on his latest release "808s and Rock Greats", due December 2012. "Charmingly ocker, mellow rock infused hip hop, lazy Sunday afternoons – Cozzabags. The well-travelled Melbournian dishes out his easy going rhymes in track This Town, featuring smooth beach bred guitar strumming with an equally as chill vocal tone. The memory plagued content of the lyrics features something for everyone- “Bouncers kick me out the bar when I’m not even drunk…” Stay tuned for his up and coming release 808s And Rock Greats, dropping December." Tone Deaf magazine