Artist info


Metal, Rock

Sounds like

dead letter circus, karnivool, the butterfly effect

band members

Daniel Viktor, Wayne Bauman, John Rankin, Eric Stock


tool, karnivool


Formed in 2006, Crash And Burn are no strangers to the Melbourne music scene. With a style that encompasses elements from progressive, hard rock and metal the band finds an audience from a varied circle of listeners.

With the release of ‘Product’ (2010) and heavy gigging record the band secured themselves slots alongside some of Australia’s biggest and best rock outfits, including Dead Letter Circus, Grinspoon, Shihad, Cog, The Butterfly Effect, I Am Giant (NZ) and Mammal.

Under the guidance of producer Drew Dedman (Superheist) the band recorded their debut album, a 12-track concept album called ‘Redesign’ at Rennisound studios and released it in 2014. Singles ‘Can’t Remember’ and ‘Shades’ saw radio play on Triple R and their filmclips appear on Rage.

2016 saw the band release two new tracks which are the product of studio sessions at The Basin studios with Drew Dedman and Matt Darcy co-producing. The results are heavy, confronting and uncomprimising.

Bassist Eric Stock is enthusiastic about the direction of the band and their sound. “The sessions we had with Drew and Matt produced some of the heaviest and fattest sounds we have ever punched out. We couldn’t be happier and can’t wait to show everyone these tracks!”