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Punk, Metal

Sounds like

suicidal tendencies, Mindsnare, Municipal Waste

band members

Tristan, Ryan, Drew, Brad & Ben


Frenzal Rhomb, 12th Man, rancid

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The brief autobiography of an Adelaide-based thrash punk band written in the third-person 5 young gentlemen, all with a penchant for dubious musical escapades, forge together for the purposes of being awesome and fleeting notoriety in October 2007. Their method: Rehashing the worst elements of certain musical sub-genres, circa 1994, and then repackaging them for a naive and gullible audience. On the back of a cheaply recorded yet cleverly marketed demonstration compact disc, the lads have somehow convinced themselves and a few others worthy of further praise and opportunity. Craterface protocol 1) Have fun 2) Play fast 3) Never stop rulin’


Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

24 Sep 2010

Triple J

Great, fun punk! Nuff said

Great, fun punk! Nuff said