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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Jam, Foo Fighters, REM

band members

Japetus - (pron JAY-pet-us) - acoustic guitar, drums, vocals, keyboards, programming. All tracks engineered, produced, arranged and written by Japetus. Paul Dengate - Electric guitar (Real World & Pop Song) Ken Handley - Bass (playing on Real World and Bass arrangements for Pop Song and Moonbase-1)


David Bowie, U2, Elton John


In the early 80's, Australian studio artist Japetus created a collection of catchy, quirky Pop songs that, despite a lot of interest from industry people, were never signed and never released, until now. The Crazoids is a Pop vehicle for all the social comment and vaudvillian songs written from 1980 to 1983 by Japetus before he embarked on his 14 year ambient music journey. All of the songs on the Real World album run like a social commentary about living right in the middle of the millennial shift at the end of the twentieth century. They are snapshots of different aspects of modern 80's life looked at with a sense of fun, humour and irony. Yes, these are the original demo tracks recorded in his analogue 8-track studio that he built with Paul Dengate in their lounge room in 1980, and they are far from perfect, but with a bit of digital cleaning up they are being presented here, more in an historical context, with such a great opportunity to be heard and shared on Triple J Unearthed. Many of the tracks on Unearthed were recorded in people's lounge rooms and bedrooms but back then it wasn't so common. The whole idea now of just giving away your music brings great creative satisfaction and because these demo tracks may never be re-recorded this might just be their final resting place. In this new digital millennium, copyright is basically dead anyhow and files are shared endlessly... so why not just give it away!? The Crazoids have never performed live although if the songs were to develop a following and be played on Triple J then I'm sure something could be arrange.