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Sounds like

Nirvana, Faith No More, Guns n Roses

band members

Taz: Vocals and rhythm guitar, Roddy Scarr: Drums and backing vox; Ash Spurrel: Lead guitar and backing vox; Ron Curran: Bass and backing vo


Nirvana, Beatles, Guns n Roses


In November 1999 two Englishman from Northamptonshire formed a heavy rock band named CREECH. CREECH hit the England underground scene hard, playing every gig as if it were their last, never giving less than 100% pure passion… CREECH continued to play gigs as often as possible, building a strong reliable following. In July 2001 Creech recorded their first six track E.P. titled ‘Arrogant Call’. The E.P. debuted at number three in the local Virgin Charts. Later that year CREECH decided to take a giant leap and move to Australia. By Christmas 2002 they had shipped themselves and their equipment all the way round the world to Melbourne. Once settled in Melbourne, CREECH began looking for a new bass player and an additional lead guitar player. After months of hard work they had completed the CREECH line up and were ready for battle. Without warning tragedy struck and with a loss in the family the drummer returned to England. For the next few years CREECH had many stand-in drummers, in 2004 a permanent drummer was found and the band began their first Australian recording. The Four Track E.P. ‘Pure Rock’ was released later that year. CREECH continued to play every gig they could gaining momentum and slowly building a loyal fan base. In 2005 CREECH released a six track E.P. titled ‘Take It All’. Circa mid 2006, a brand new 12 track album has been recorded, and will be released by the end of that year. With their electrifying show of powerhouse but catchy Rock, CREECH continues to grow in popularity and show no signs slowing up. Pure Passion Pure Energy Pure Rock