Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Ocean Alley

band members

James Nicholls, Andrew Zachariadis, Jackson Binks, Yau Yoong Chong, Nathan Taylor


Powderfinger, Led Zepplin, Kaleo, Ocean Alley, Oh Mercy


The Crimson Jets are a five-piece band with some pop, surf, and alternative rock vibes. Renowned for their lyrically driven, mainly keys and guitar-based music. The groups electric stage presence began in 2017, forming together at high school in the Bellarine area. Their influences are clear in their music with an Ocean Alley esque vocals and melodies from the band’s leader “Jimmy Nicks”, as well as other musical inspirations like Led Zepplin, Powderfinger, Kaleo and Jet bringing an overall diverse bag of sounds.