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band members

Marven Lim, Jackson Clothier, James Tarpi


Miles Davis, Oh Sees, Frank Zappa, Andy Shauf, Fuzz, The Birthday Party

Unearthed artists we like

The Murlocs, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets



'The Wake' Prompt:

The world fizzles away long after we are happily merged and uploaded. Many centuries pass and the village bursts forth as a part of a new, sustainable ecosystem. Vine-like structures snake their way up the remains of people that are now nothing more than a memory whispering inside the wind.

However, something malevolent rumbles in the crimson waters. A reminder of the ghastly histories that continue to haunt us. There is no escaping the judgment of the one mind.

You traipse through your fickle life with no knowledge of the terrible majesty of suffering that awaits you in death. So, in a tortuous gesture, you feast on the deity that lays below, inflicting upon it hideous pain.

The wake they say is eternal bliss for all.

But there is only the waiting.